Only There only ever was Only ever would Only ever dared This, I recounted She smiled As only she could There only ever is Only ever am Only ever wish This, I promised She smiled As only she could There only ever might Only ever should Only ever likely This, I pondered She smiled […]

The Once Lovers

 Yes, we were lovers, you and I. The spring knew us as the dawn on a dewy meadow, summer as a sun-kissed sky. Winter was warmer for our passion, the snow never settling, the winds not wild just free. In autumn, leaves fell around us as confetti at a wedding that would never be. […]

50 Word Stories: Momentary

She radiated, I can’t explain it any other way. Her blush was of an inner beauty few possessed if any. She lit up the station like summer would a cool, winter’s day and thawed the frost my heart. For a moment, I was me again. Then, my train pulled away.


“Take a selfie,” she said. “Why, I already spend enough time by myself without having it documented?” “Not for you, for me.” “I don’t understand. Why would you want a picture of me?” “To look at until we next go out.” “Next.” “Duh! Like, not this time, but next.” “You really want to see me […]