Only There only ever was Only ever would Only ever dared This, I recounted She smiled As only she could There only ever is Only ever am Only ever wish This, I promised She smiled As only she could There only ever might Only ever should Only ever likely This, I pondered She smiled […]

The Once Lovers

 Yes, we were lovers, you and I. The spring knew us as the dawn on a dewy meadow, summer as a sun-kissed sky. Winter was warmer for our passion, the snow never settling, the winds not wild just free. In autumn, leaves fell around us as confetti at a wedding that would never be. […]

50 Word Stories: Momentary

She radiated, I can’t explain it any other way. Her blush was of an inner beauty few possessed if any. She lit up the station like summer would a cool, winter’s day and thawed the frost my heart. For a moment, I was me again. Then, my train pulled away.


“Take a selfie,” she said. “Why, I already spend enough time by myself without having it documented?” “Not for you, for me.” “I don’t understand. Why would you want a picture of me?” “To look at until we next go out.” “Next.” “Duh! Like, not this time, but next.” “You really want to see me […]

Yesterday’s Man

There is no excuse for the faded smile for lights half-lit and curtains drawn. To be evasive requires prior thought, whilst to be evaded none. There is no symmetry to this equation, at least, none of value to me. Where is the glimmer and the glint, the shine and the sparkle, the light where none […]

50 Word Stories: Wasted

It wasn’t the cold metal of the dagger. No, it wasn’t that at all. Neither was it the extraction, the holding of my still beating heart in your hands. No, it wasn’t that. It was your face, your cold, unsmiling lips. Wasted time. It had all been wasted time.

Love Lost To Midnight

Standing beneath a false sun: Incessant buzzing; Flickering spotlight; Staring at a room, Any room, Her room. Small square in lifeless brick Aglow with candlelight; The night makes a mockery of my tears. She’s playing music, Some music, Our music, But not to me. A cat strolls nonchalantly by, King of the night, Flicks a […]