Empty Spaces #manchester


Dead Hearts

Dead hearts don’t beat,
Just strive to remember how.
When time stops,
Memories overlap like autumn leaves;
They mix and combine,
Suffuse each other with irregular somethings,
Tiny flecks of uncertainties,
Fiddling for those moments most precious
From that veil of lost things,
Lost hopes,
Lost forevers.
They wait for something to stir them,
Move them,
Force them to remember.
And when they do,
When those snippets of eternity return,
They’ll clasp them close, impassioned.
It is a waiting game,
That’s all,
Waiting for that pulse,
That rhythm of life,
That love,
That spark;
It consumes them,
As you consume me.

Rainbow of My World

Stepped the rainbow road

Across the arching light

Intent on finding something

A promise of a dream

But before destination completed 

Stretched for pooling gold

Closed my eyes

And realised in the peace of the moment

The beautiful tranquility 

The real gold

The memory I yearned for

Was secured deep in a beating heart

Her heart

Which was my heart

In my home

And awaited my return

So home I went

To the rainbow of my world