Heavenly Eloise stood away from the others as detached as if she’d been in Rome. Whilst her so-called friends paraded before the boys like so much fresh meat, Eloise waved them away. Whilst the others coerced and cajoled, fluttered eyes and waggled worse, she looked off into some unknown secret. I likened her to heaven, […]


 Scattered, we roamed the lowlands like seeds in the wind waiting for a smattering of soil and our roots to take hold; there was never nearly enough. Lifted from the homes we would have built, we searched the skies for memories of that which we’d lost, that which we’d forgotten: Home. The word echoed […]

50 Word Stories: Featherless

 I'd seen it rain water, heard it rain buckets and told tales of it raining cats and dogs; it'd never rained feathers. White feathers the size of surfboards floated to earth to pile like the world's gentlest snowdrifts. "Now, they're all dead," said gran. I didn't dare to ask what.

50 Word Stories: Translucence

 There lay a body on the slab unmoving in the evening quiet. People bustled over it, one prodding, another kissing blue lips, a third weeping, me looking down. The form, glazed eyes vacant, looked at peace. I felt at peace knowing it. Translucence slipped then, and all faded to gold.

The Broken Girl

I was going to try and scare the bejesus out of you all, but opted for this instead. I hope you enjoy my Halloween treat. Richard The Broken Girl She lay in the road like a deer or a dog, a broken object meant for better things, a crumpled mess. I pulled the jeep over […]

No More Tomorrows

Like falling feathers, they descended, those of golden light and purest white. Soundless, the heavenly host alighted on every surface: roofs; trees; paths; car bonnets, everywhere and on everything. We thought they’d come to save us, to escort us to that better place, at last. Instead, they took us in with those deep, sad eyes, […]

Fall From Grace

Fast-flowing clouds reach with cirrus fingers Their wet, grasping grip christening my hair Soaking me from the inside out and deeper still My soul sloshes in residual sky; I am drowning A serpent’s tongue flashes through the heavens Black, not gold, it shatters the midnight Like an obsidian scar only I can see But I […]


White velvet, she drew the feather between slender fingers, over her palm and across the back of her hand. There were no words to describe such soft comforts, the exquisite ecstasy, the long, white perfection. She gazed upon her prize with ardent eyes, held it to the moon, twirled it like a carousel. The feather, […]