Cardinal Sin

It lay in the street like a puddle of blood. A soft liquid, downy, not right, I approached this small death with tentative steps. The blood shifted as if to pour away. Startled, I recoiled. Though detested by this fear of something so small, this unexpected disturbance, I regathered. My breaths steadied to a pulsing […]


Author’s Note: As you all know, I have a memory like a sieve. I’ve been turfing out some old writing, the following being one of them. I have no idea when or why I wrote it, but it seemed a pity to waste. I hope you enjoy. Feathered I flew between ancient oaks skimming their […]

50 Word Stories – Trashed Tales

She ran between the raindrops like a mouse who’d lost its umbrella. Flitting from flower to flower, mushroom to mushroom, upturned coffee cup to empty packet of crisps, she wept through the ancient forest. Why? Because even the little folk now know us, and that’s enough to make anyone despair.


They differ to us substantially. The most apparent of these is their appearance. We stand upon two legs, make our way through a tactile world with two hands and regard all through two eyes. In a more direct description, we are paired. This pairing navigates beyond the physical into the realms of belief. It is […]

Ignoble, They Won

They were not the remainder, But the remained. They were not an illustrious past, But an ignoble future. The loud and the slovenly, Those who hid, Relics of a world made mad: The lunatics inherited it all. Whilst those who tried: The thinkers, the generous, The less gregarious smiles at open doors; The welcoming quiet, […]


AND And though we promised And though we said And though we pleaded And the world denied We tried Yes, we tried And though our hearts broke And though we bled And though it pained us And the world laughed We tried Yes, we tried And though we left them And though we forsook them […]

Little Mouse

 She hid behind the trash cans like a nervous mouse, the steel rattling with her fear. A pair of blue eyes in a world of darkness, the child cowered so far back into the night, I thought her a hermit crab with refuse for a shell. "I'm here to help," I said softly. The […]