Written I saw Her in the Moon, felt Her in the stars. As night fell each evening, a smothering cocoon of darkness pulling me beneath its obsidian comforts, I took a deep breath and dived into immortality. Every night the same. Every night unwanted. The bane of forever weighed heavy on my heart. I sought […]

Immortal Rhythms

The rain beats a relentless rhythm Staccato, the clapping of Hispanic hearts. Night fills all like spilled ink on a canvas, I’m awash in it. Always. Peace is a rare commodity, As intangible as ghosts after midnight; No rest for the wicked, they say. I know this better than most. I have known it too […]

Stagnation Only Grows Worse

“Time: there is nothing more corrosive.” “It is so easy to lose oneself in immortality, forget all that you were. It always comes back, though. Blood will do that to a stagnant mind even if the memories aren’t your own.” “The North Star, Polaris, it is my surrogate sun, my daytime, my muse. How sad […]

To Be Immortal

 Somewhere there’s a valley where the sun doesn’t set. Golden rays sweep over lush grasses and flowers of every hue proliferate. I have not seen this place, nor heard of it from others, but I feel it in my soul. I am drawn to it, as a moth to a flame. Yearn for it, as […]