50 Word Stories – Outfoxed

50 Word Stories – Outfoxed

“Did you see that fox watching the chickens?”
“No, mum.”
“He was licking his lips.”
“Is that all you’ve got to say? He could ruin us, you know!”
“He won’t.”
“Oh, do explain.”
“He’s full.”
“What do you mean, he’s full?”
“I fed him dad’s dinner an hour ago.”

Childhood Lost

Beneath crayola skies, we lingered,
Watching little butterflies flit between branches,
Laughing at the starlings as they caused kerfuffles
That only they knew
And only they could end.
This place of colour, light and creation,
Unsullied by adolescent snobbery
And adult ignorance, bewitched us.
When did we lose it?
When did we lose us?
We sit looking at a leaden heaven
Impervious even to X-ray eyes,
Refusing to divulge either answers or lies
With weights heavier than hearts should be
Pulling at our cavernous chests.
This is not us.
This is not the way we should be.
Childhood has bequeathed us everything
And delivered nothing,
Yet to return is considered a backward step:
It is only step to regain that innocent joy.

50 Word Stories: Her Name Was Crystal

Her name was Crystal, she who shone like polished glass. Hair of spun silver hung as a veil over eyes that mirrored the world, only ever returning a view cleansed and pure, better. Fragile, I broke her and swept away the shards. God forgive me, I shattered our brightest star.

Innocence Lost

The street is alive with the sounds of a child and his dog at play. The two are lost in a world of barking, nipping and fast escaping feet, although I’m unsure who runs from who. They scamper with a careless abandon I envy oblivious to the twitching curtains and revved antagonisms of cars. Innocence I think to myself. I even smile. If the youngster wasn’t wearing camouflage and had a plastic beretta strapped to his hip by his father’s belt, I should’ve said it perfect. I should of, but I can’t.
The child has to move for the man rushing to work, his old Volvo spewing black something-or-other into the air. I don’t think he even sees the dog. And there it is, the moment I’ve dreaded, the child removes his gun and pretends to shoot the driver down: innocence lost.