50 Word Stories: The Dividing Kiss

We played together, lived together, battled through life together. We were each the crutch the other needed when the pain of living grew too severe, the open ear when life’s words grew harsh. We were inseparable, one made two, and then you came along and broke us, the dividing kiss.

5o Word Stories: The Kiss

5o Word Stories: The Kiss

Twin Red
Twin Red

It is the calm before the storm as lips hover above softest silk. There is no panic, an appreciation of the task in hand and the clarity of thought conducive to its undertaking prevails. A deep unneeded breath to settle, and then the puncturing of her epidermis begins. It is a nightly work of art.

A Kiss On the Lips

We appraised each other, I liked to think that anyway. She lounged in casual perfection whilst I sat stiff as a board. Never once did her eyes stray; they held me. She took me in from head to toe and back again. Like a jelly I wobbled. “You’ll do,” she eventually giggled. “Next time it’s a kiss on the lips.”

And it was.