Ignoble, They Won

They were not the remainder, But the remained. They were not an illustrious past, But an ignoble future. The loud and the slovenly, Those who hid, Relics of a world made mad: The lunatics inherited it all. Whilst those who tried: The thinkers, the generous, The less gregarious smiles at open doors; The welcoming quiet, […]

As the Lights Dim

 “There’s never been a day without darkness.” I remember my dad’s words with a clarity not afforded much else. He’d adjusted his starched collar with one finger as he spoke them, a bead of sweat noticeable beside one eye. This was unlike him; he never got flustered. As I’m sure you’re thinking, too, every […]

Time & Man

I lost a grandparent today and just needed to write something. Time is tempered by the lifespans of man. So many notches on the tree of life are we, and little else. Yet, when the next generation, and the ones after them, and them, seek out the truths of the past in word and memory, […]

Gothic Departures

Antoinette had a propensity for exaggeration. Tonight, however, she had not. Rain dripped from the over-elongated archways as though some god had reached down from above and pulled them toward him, only to grow bored and release them halfway. Backlit by the moon, as the castle was, I thought myself about to walk beneath the […]

This Rock

Above the clouds where seasons change by the minute, you tower. In ochre rock, snow capped peak prevails; I envy you your seclusion. Awash in sunlight, sparkling, just sparkling, without hint of bias from the scaremongers, you astound. And whilst the climbers, the walkers, those just there for a view, do stress, you observe in […]


I am being stretched. Filament by filament, I unravel. It is a slow unwinding, A ponderous affair, But the inexorable Skew towards nothingness has me. I can neither resist nor retract, Stabilise nor step back, Though I would if I could. At some point soon, All too soon, I shall cease to be And those […]

A Book’s Legacy

I never buy a book, I earn the right to house it. I never read a book, I live it, every word of every page. I never forget a book, as I carry it in my heart always.