Writer’s Resources

I subscribe to emails from The Review Review magazine, which is a wonderful resource for finding literary information. Their latest email highlights a writing magazine (Tethered By Letters) that also has a submission tracker page. What this does is highlight some reputable magazines and when they are open to submissions. This is extremely useful, so […]

Influences 3 – Fantasy

My love of Reading There’s something about the word that drips from the tongue, fan-ta-sy. Three syllables became my sanctuary. I’m thankful for them daily. It all started when a little girl — not me, thank you very much — walked through a wardrobe and stepped out into snow. Wow! Could you? Would you?  […]

The Submission Process

The Submission Process A Guide For The New Writer This is my latest Medium.) post. Please feel free to click the link and join me there. A friend recently asked me for advice on the submission process. It wasn’t until she cross-examined me with several pertinent questions regarding her work that I remembered just how […]

The Steampunk Book List

Steampunk often baffles me, not because I don’t like it, I love it, but because people pooh-pooh it without even trying it. I know folks that say they hate it, yet in the next breath extoll the virtues of Dr. Who or The Time Machine or The League of Extraordinary Gentleman or Jules Verne all […]

The Modern Fiction Book List

The Fiction shelves of a bookshop can carry the widest variety of work from the ancient to the new and everything in between. The benefit of this can be books that are unexpectedly superb because you aren’t entirely sure what to expect. The following are ten books all of which I own that have done […]

Soumya: The Brave One

The lovely Soumya wrote a post thanking me for giving her the courage to choose writing and literature for a career. I was very touched by it.  I had no choice in my own decision, at least in my eyes, and life was passing fast; Soumya had choices and is far braver than I ever […]


It is though a russet memory to me now Leaves fell as if rain A swirling palette of texture and colour It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen A butterflying patchwork quilt Of autumnal brilliance Leaves of all descriptions alighted upon my arms It made me laugh And then departed as quickly […]