50 Word Stories – In Cocoa

It was an idea, a fanciful dream. I packed nothing and left everything. The plantations were green, not brown. A prevailing wind filtered out the sounds of humanity’s pickers but the life I had wished for never existed. I returned home deflated. My mum smiled and offered me a coffee.

Folded – They’ve Tried

Folded. Yes, folded. They bend and score and twist and press, but I will not be made as they. Not for a day. No, not a day. Opened. Yes, opened. All flowers must bloom, petals unfurling to take in the sun. The butterflies will come. Yes, they will come. Beautiful. Yes, beautiful. This world of […]


Blue The world is blue. Although life can be defined by the colours in which we parade, the earth itself lies resplendent under an emerald green jacket. For most people, a copse of trees or lush meadow define the idyllic. But not all. For some, those identifiable dreamers, blue is the colour they aspire to […]

Naked in Hindsight

Naked in Hindsight Like ivies entwined  Curling through the branches of life, We made for the light  From out of totalitarian darkness. We had to, you see. Natural lovers chased by the mould, The mildew of existence, Seeking the comforts of shared warmths And a quiet breath or two, We tried. Yes, we tried. Innocents, […]


In an extended world  Where circles are warped Navigation ungainly Full of peaks and troughs  How do we know  How do we feel When the journey  We once started Has come full circle