…and Coltrane Played

Photo by Gracious Adebayo on Unsplash
Photo by Gracious Adebayo on Unsplash

…and Coltrane played as the summer rains fell, tumbling across our faces without ever pausing. The sweet scent of wetted wildflowers made for an alluring intoxicant, as the saxophone played through both our minds and the intermittent sun made dapples of colour.

If ever music and art mixed to perfection, it was then. As the smooth melodies accompanied her raven beauty, and the rain continued to fall, it might have been day or night, or neither, for only she glowed, only she radiated life, at least, to me. I couldn’t drag my eyes from her. Why would I?

There were wide spreading cedars scattered across the glade, catching the sky’s tears and dispersing them wherever they felt best. Rowan trees hung with berries for baubles added an artisan touch, protruding from the long, lush grass like Christmas memories. Was it all a dream? Was she?

…and Coltrane played as though especially for us, as the rain soaked our clothes but never our hearts, the saxophone pulsing. The distinction between fabric and flesh disappeared with every new raindrop. The music swooped and soared. Our lips closed as though meant to be, warm against the world. And it was meant to be. It was always meant.

I laid out my jacket; she rolled it aside. Earth and flesh. Flesh and earth. Brushed by feathered seeds made heavy in the downpour, we two were one.

…and Coltrane played to our silent crescendo. No other music would have done. It had to be jazz. It had to be that jazz. As he soared, so did we, and we never came down. We never have.

…and Coltrane plays, still.

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Richard M. Ankers
Author of the brand new steampunk extravaganza Britannia Unleashed.


50 Word Stories – Ocean Bound

Unsplash image courtesy of Tolga Ahmetler

Lost in moonlit moments, we walked along the creaking pier, as wicked surf stripped the ancient wood of yesteryear’s memories.
“We’re ocean bound,” I called to a nosey seagull. He cawed a warning, one we chose to ignore.
We held each other as we drowned, no longer lost, just smiling.

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Insistent, We Breathe

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Wisps of darkness transcending life
Whilst dares and memories abound
Embers, are we, huddled in charcoal
Indivisible of form, just existing

We breathe, we breathe

Fissures of intermittent moonlight
Score this impermanent scene
With a harsh unarguable truth:
We are part of this universe, still

We breathe, we breathe

Ghosts of the primal no longer
Dreaming, eyes wide open
Two unlocked shadows, shackles lost
Unable to deny nature’s physics

Insistent, we breathe