On Halloween

On Halloween Murder dripped from my mind as a dark and unctuous treacle; it coated me in death. And so it was I stole upon her unawares, my once love, my once life. She combed her long, raven hair with the brush I had bought her when first we met, a trinket to me, rather […]

Of Rats and Monkeys

 I've just spent most of a nice long walk to the coffee shop this beautiful Sunday morning explaining my theory of why I believe my wife a monkey. As you can imagine, she was enthralled. From the Darwinian explanation of the opposable thumb, hers always getting caught in my trouser pocket when we hold […]

50 Word Stories: Dangerous Waters

"Doesn't it scare you swimming in here?" "Nothing to worry about. The sharks ate the piranhas, alligators ate them, crocodile them, that was messy, and then a mad hippo went and killed all that was left." "So it's just you and the hippo." "No, she's busy doing the washing up."

Written in Unknown Words

Written in Unknown Words There’s a letter on the table Pressed like a brand new shirt Sterile, it beckons Voiceless, it calls across the hall A siren of the mahogany It screeches in its un-stamped way And I feel myself reaching And I feel myself moving And I feel for the very last time I […]


Is this it Is this life Take a job Take a wife Wiping eyes In starlight Shun the sun Love the night Is this all Is there more Am I dead On the floor Give me hope Give me love Give me signs From above And I’ll do All I can All I have Is […]