Cometh the Rain

 Wherever Kira went, it rained. Not an unusual occurrence one might have claimed. In the context of her deluges, however, it was. No matter where Kira stood, either inside or out, the heaven’s opened and poured. They didn’t pour on her neighbours, nor her little chihuahua, just her. This strange situation lasted for five […]


Sometimes, is harder than not It is the promise, I think That hope you feel deep down Tingling like electricity Just enough to tantalise without really hurting A poking of awareness And teasing of promise Sometimes, they say But you know it means not That doesn’t mean you don’t hope I always hope Without ever […]

Watching for a Reason

 Blood on the water, the colour of life, churning, flowing, seeking an outlet in which to pour. An incessant motion of so many tiny droplets of what was, is and will be, the cycle goes on.  The rocks that bear witness to this dramatic passage are old, older than almost all else, but not that […]


Scribbles, Lines on a page, Words, They do nothing, Feel nothing, But say so much. Communication Of more than speech, It is heart; Soul; Innermost dreams; An outpouring of one’s soul, And worlds in the making. Scribblings, And the books they dwell in: I can’t imagine a life without them.

Seasons of the Heart

 I asked my mother when it would be summer again  She said it would always be summer in my heart  It wasn’t until I stood by that deep, deep hole in the ground  That I realised it also held winter  (Image courtesy of realityDream on

Words & Pictures

A good friend once told me Good poetry doesn’t require a picture That the image is formed Moulded, if you will, Deep within the reader’s mind. But how can the writer be sure? How can they know if the reader, The recipient of their words, Really knows how the writer feels And not misinterpret? I […]