50 Word Stories: When the Spring Tides Come

 She peered through a frill of willow tendrils dark eyes glaring. Tied to the river as she'd been the sea, the girl's tail flashed a silver dagger. I'm ashamed to say I ran when all she wanted was a friend. I dream about her still when the spring tides come.

The Held Breath

Golden light filtered through the aquamarine water casting opaque, rippling shadows across the seabed like clouds in a clear blue sky. The sun’s rays were never the same, always beautiful, a living, moving tapestry that rolled across the coral and kelp in endless cycles of underwater perfection. Turtles dove for it, sharks hunted for it, […]

50 Word Stories: Not For Gold

50 Word Stories: Not For Gold They offered gold. In shoals of aquamarine mystique, the Mermaids swam towards the moonlit, shipwrecked many in their little, wooden boats. They wouldn’t breach the surface preferring the comforts of liquidity to the surface storm. Refusing their gold was easy, (too heavy) refusing them, the hardest thing we ever […]

50 Word Stories: Undersea

“Moon on the water, stars in the sky, this is the future for you and for I.” She trilled the words in a singsong voice, I just listened. She licked her lips like a muscle coming out of its shell, then dragged me down. Poseidon called. Undersea called. I drowned.

Beneath, Below, I Go.

The sea rose in tumultuous swells rocking my small boat like a hammock in a hurricane. With each undulation I would rise up to God, stretch out my hands in prayer, only to be dragged away. The sky had never seemed so near yet so far. I’d grown long past the point of uneasiness, my […]

50 Word Stories: Cool

She blew in off the Atlantic; against the tide. Elemental, the breath from her kiss lingered on my taste buds. I swooned, she laughed a cool, tinkling passage of joy. Aquamarine, she ducked beneath the waves and left without a goodbye. I’d follow later, praying for peace.

Lost in Liquidity

In the heart of the ocean, Where turquoise slips to blue, A mermaid tears pour forth. She weeps for the kelp That strain for the light And the fish that play in their tendrilike yards. She cries for the wrecks  And the souls lost to sea, The sailors and sailed, And those creatures they hunted. […]