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Six Word Stories – Pauper

The circling vultures flew away disgusted.


50 Word Stories: The Strain

The emotional price put an unbearable strain on her heart. It wore at her like a diet of sandpaper and shale. She tried her best to hide it, brush it off even. But I knew better. One day she'd get that handbag. It was something she just had to do.

Honest! I’m not Lion.

“You look shattered.”

“I am.”

“Bad night?”

“Aren’t they all? Life doesn’t get any easier when you close your eyes.”



“Bothering you?”

“Just a bit.”

“What is it you do?”

“I’m a lion tamer.”

“Lion tamer my ****!”

“No, really.”


“There’s not much call for us these days. There’s no more circuses, no safari parks, no great exhibitions, nothing. Times are hard.”

“Sure are. If we’re feeling the pinch, you must be.”

“Yup. It’s really beginning to bite.”

Author’s Note: Believe it or not, this is actually an almost true story from when I worked in retail. The smallest, meekest guy you could ever meet had this conversation with me. He used to wear a black suit at all times and a bowler hat. I thought he was talking out of it (as we say here) and not until an older and very honest colleague of mine confirmed his by then retired job, did I believe him. 

Funny what you think about when you’re having your morning coffee.


50 Word Stories: She Wore Diamonds

She wore diamonds. Every head turned, every eye locked upon her twinkling self as she entered the room like a glitter ball. She shone brighter than the chandeliers illuminating the party like a searchlight. She sparkled. But diamonds mean nothing to the heart. Perhaps that’s why she wept? Perhaps not?

50 Word Stories: A Writer’s Life

Eternals Series Image

Author's note: Unlike almost all my 50 word posts, the following actually happened. I kid you not.

"Really! Have you been published?"
"Yes, many times."
"And, what?"
"Are you a millionaire?"
"That's a shame."
"Isn't that the reason you write?"
"Why the hell would you sit at home writing if it wasn't to make loads of money?"
"Because I love it."
"Yeah, right!"

Author's final note: Is this the world we live in!

Richard M. Ankers
Author of The Eternals Series
The Eternals
Hunter Hunted