50 Word Stories: The Game

Celeste radiated something akin to love, a certain lukewarm appreciation. Mama called this cunning — Celeste prickled behind her eyes. Papa said it smarts — Celeste upset his oversensitive gut. Me? Celeste melted my heart. Was I suspicious? Never! Celeste could have bought and sold us. Our secret, until after the wedding.

50 Word Stories: The Strain

The emotional price put an unbearable strain on her heart. It wore at her like a diet of sandpaper and shale. She tried her best to hide it, brush it off even. But I knew better. One day she'd get that handbag. It was something she just had to do.

Honest! I’m not Lion.

“You look shattered.” “I am.” “Bad night?” “Aren’t they all? Life doesn’t get any easier when you close your eyes.” “Work?” “Work.” “Bothering you?” “Just a bit.” “What is it you do?” “I’m a lion tamer.” “Lion tamer my ****!” “No, really.” “Wow!” “There’s not much call for us these days. There’s no more circuses, […]

50 Word Stories: She Wore Diamonds

She wore diamonds. Every head turned, every eye locked upon her twinkling self as she entered the room like a glitter ball. She shone brighter than the chandeliers illuminating the party like a searchlight. She sparkled. But diamonds mean nothing to the heart. Perhaps that’s why she wept? Perhaps not?

50 Word Stories: A Writer’s Life

 Author's note: Unlike almost all my 50 word posts, the following actually happened. I kid you not. "Really! Have you been published?" "Yes, many times." "And?" "And, what?" "Are you a millionaire?" "No." "That's a shame." "Why?" "Isn't that the reason you write?" "No." "Why the hell would you sit at home writing if […]

50 Word Stories: Rainbow Temptations

I followed a rainbow that led to a cliff. There dancing beneath the surf lay everything I’d ever dreamed of the answer to all life’s problems. The sunken pot of gold drew me down, drew me in. I turned and ran. Life’s more than rainbow temptations twinkling in the sea.