Under a Fledging Moon

The darkness twitched like a startled rabbit, a sudden and brief event. Almost as though a portrait had shifted in a breeze only for the gallery’s curator to quickly straighten it before anyone noticed, the world realigned. I stopped walking and scratched my head. There didn’t appear any change although a copious covering of cloud […]

Slices of Night

We dreamt of the moon on a cool, winter’s night Whilst others were quaking, we saw the light A piece of space pie served in the sky Where stars were sprinkled sugar twinkling on high And a comet was trailing some fast-dripping cream It made me so hungry, our beautiful dream But glittering brightly the […]

Lost November Evenings

Lost November Evenings An abundance of daylight stole our nights. Fireside flickerings fell away like fireflies in the sun. The glimmering moon became less than a luxurious, ocean pearl and more of an ofttimes limpet attached to the sky. The evenings were less subtle for its diminishment. Summertime madness had spread too much for my […]

50 Word Stories: The Caring Moon

 The moon gave informed definition to the world in ways the sun refused. Where the sun seemed uncertain what colours to choose, blasting us with so many as to give kaleidoscopic headaches, the moon did not. Instead, it provided gentle outlines of subtle perfections. I loved the moon; it cared.

In the Valleys of the Moon

Author’s Note: When my headaches won’t go, I like to imagine myself in a quiet place. This was the result whilst sat drinking my coffee. I hope you enjoy.  Endless, the valleys of the Moon stretched out before me in bone-white ridges. As always, the stars beamed through the punctured night like endless celestial […]