This Scream Called Us (Rated 15)

They say a scream is a scream is a scream. Hurt is hurt. Pain is pain. That both subside with every unfulfilled second. They say many things. But what do they know? What do they really know? The mind is a curious container, delicate even. If the mind were glass, one might shatter it with […]

Beyond the Beyond

 Every raindrop was a memory of her, the dripping of fresh blood on the tiles. As the clouds poured forth their anger and dismay, I mused, looking beyond the window glass, beyond the yard, fence, fields to somewhere less distinct. She awaited me there. Somewhere in a distant reality displaced from my own, she […]

She Came as a Ghost

 She came as a ghost in the depths of the night, her nightgown billowing like a windblown shroud of intangible white. Her feet glided over the hall carpet without ever touching the pile, her bare toes pointed down like a spectral ballerina. I thought myself dreaming and rubbed hard at my eyes, too hard. […]

50 Word Stories: Something Fishy

I admired them in my own way, content with their lot in life, swimming in circles, never getting lost, intimating feeding time with those circular mouths. They seemed happy. Until I didn't feed them, that was. That's why they shot me. My fault, really. I forgot they had a tank.

#VignetteSeries – The Game of Death

Author's Note: In matters of life and death experience always trumps youth. Just another ditched scene, but as my knees are aching it seemed apt.  He sat at his desk oblivious, tap-tapping away on the typewriter, the words flowing from his fingertips. A lukewarm cup of coffee stood still steaming in the cold study, […]

Beloved Be Loved

Beloved Be Loved A Murder in Three Acts I loved her with a passion that burnt through my body to singe the earth beneath my feet. Every thought of every day belonged to her, every moonbeam bore her features, every sunburst was her eyes. I lived for her, breathed for her, would’ve died for her, […]


Unnecessary They deemed it unnecessary, whilst I deemed it essential. “Containment is the watchword, gentlemen,” I forewarned. “Containment is the last thing on our mind. She…” “It,” I intervened. “She!” they bellowed as one. “She is impeccable,” Charlesworth continued. “Come in, dear,” he said. She entered the room dressed in the finest fabrics the orient […]

Indecision-#love #murder

Indecision My mind, wracked with indecision as it was, failed to function with the clarity to which it’d become accustomed. I stumbled as though in a fog, a blind assassin, a fool for love. Marianna rested on the sheets of her sumptuous bed, her naked breasts liked heaped snow barely rising, almost dead. She was […]

The Steampunk Solution

I loved her. That’s why I had to kill her. Isabella’s pros outweighed her many, many cons. After all, one may only sing the praises of one’s maid to so many people before they wish to meet her. I had extolled Isabella’s virtues from the moment she opened her big, blue eyes and smiled at […]