The Small One

 A small cough revealed her hiding behind a chair. I pretended not to see her, even looked away, but the flash of her eyes pierced the room’s midnight. Why she was here, who knew, perhaps fate or fragility? But when I opened the window that a stiff breeze had slammed closed behind her, she […]

The Flower Girl

 She’d braided daisies into her hair with the skilled fingers of a seamstress. “How old?” I’d gasped. “She’s five.” “Where did she learn?” “Not from us. One day, she just wandered into the meadow behind our house and started picking flowers. We watched from the garden gate with smiles from ear to ear. She […]

50 Word Stories: The Storm

 The child called for his mum, then for his dad. He received no response. He did so many times, but heard only the storm that howled through their swinging doorway. Where were his parents, you shout? Why abandon a child on such a night, you demand? Simple, I was hungry.

Promising the Moon and Stars

“It lies just over the next hill.” “Thank you,” I’d said, hoisted my backpack over my shoulder and moved off down the road. This was the fourth time I had done so. It wasn’t that the people had been rude to me, far from it, nor that they’d deliberately caused me distress, they hadn’t, just […]

Seesaws and Shadows

There are shadows in the playground where the children used to laugh. I see them. Others don’t. I skirt the wrought iron fence, green paint peeling to the concrete like makeshift grass, and edge my way towards the swings. The seats are empty, but the chains still lurch pendulum-like back and forth. This place spooks […]


I loved her once, I realise this now. As I sit here watching the leaves turn, Fall scratching the colours of Summer from the wood behind my home, it is her hazel eyes, her ruddy cheeks, her chestnut hair that I see in every hue of the season. It was not always this way, but […]