Fade Away

Fade Away Fade away: Another page in life’s book Flipped by celestial fingers. Fade away: This uncontrollable fate Closed to the past. Fade away: Whilst still I might bear it Without recriminations. Fade Away: A new year pulses Behind these eyes. Fade away: Say goodbye, For I’ll never see you… Again.

The Bird Who Winked

The Bird Who Winked The lake lingered beneath a shroud of New Year’s mist. It called to me. I stood on the old abandoned jetty, the one my father had built, eyes skimming purgatory, imagining the freezing embrace of what lay beneath. I did so daily, but wished not to. The impulse to do what […]

Ghosts of New Year

Ghosts of New Year Have you seen it? “What?” I said looking around. The Past. The Present. The Future. “I’ve seen two of them,” I replied and jumped behind the fridge. There was nobody there. Such a shame. Such a shame. The voice ricocheted around the room as though the last lonely echo fleeing a […]

New Year’s Dream

   Lavender moon, lavender moon Glimpsed on a Friday and gone all too soon Circled the star lanes in violet swirls Eye-shadow blinking like beautiful girls Wondering if I’ll ever see you again Mysterious meadow, delightful heaven Hoping and praying ethereal gleam Isn’t the hoax of a New Year’s dream


She ghosted into my life like a sheet in the wind, twirling and swooping through the new year’s air. “Help me,”she whispered. “How?” said I. “Hold me, just hold me.” To my credit, I tried. I wrapped my arms about her intangible self, but could no sooner clasp the morning mist. She loosed a wail […]

50 Word Stories: Scorched

I thought the clouds might look different at the year’s end. They don’t. When I look to the sky all I see are the same contained tears seeking escape; same sun trying to scorch them. Running is tiresome and no one likes being burnt. I think it’s time to stop.