Lost in Mercury Oceans

Her eyes,

Quicksilver pools

Of reflective depth,

Take me in,

Draw me,

Drown me.

Lost in a mercury ocean,

I flail,

As her lips curl

In primeval savagery.

Yet, still I cannot turn,

Cannot surface,

Can do nothing 

But slip beneath the waves

Of she.

I am lost.

I am found.

And I could wish 

For nothing more.

Desperate Love

 There is a feeling manifesting
 It tears, scrapes, sears my flesh.
 I feel reversed,
 I have been turned inside out.
 Internal fires consume me,
 I am alight with emotion.
 Life has disowned me.
 Death will not have me.
 I am a desperate man
 Capable of desperate things.
 And know this:
 I must have you!


 I feel pain,
 Or rather,
 I sense it;
 A prickling
 Jagged thing,
 It flows
 Seeking more skin,
 More organs,
 More senses
 To disturb,
 To consume.
 It is continual,
 Never letting up,
 Until reaching
 The core of me,
 It is memory;
 It is what was;
 It is,
 And always will be: