There was an undeniable truth to the fact she was a killer. Her eyes spoke of it, smile suggested it, and as for her figure, well… yum. She was everything a spark ignited, everything that made a dark dream dire. Her allure offset her demon. Her magnificence demanded respect. She was a little boy’s […]

Like Oceans

 If gratitude was an ocean, I’d have poured myself upon her. To see her float in my waves, drown in my eyes as I did hers, hang weightless for all eternity in swirls of aquamarine, a price worth paying, I think. We met by the ocean; it seemed perfect symmetry it ending there, too. […]

Dead Hearts

Dead hearts don’t beat, Just strive to remember how. When time stops, Memories overlap like autumn leaves; They mix and combine, Suffuse each other with irregular somethings, Tiny flecks of uncertainties, Fiddling for those moments most precious From that veil of lost things, Lost hopes, Lost forevers. They wait for something to stir them, Move […]

50 Word Stories: Hot

I’m melting like the Wicked Witch of the West, but without the bucket of water; I’m unsure if that’s good or bad? I’m steaming from the inside out, the vapour making me blink. Is it hot, you ask? Hotter than hell, I reply. And I’ve only looked at you once.