Fade Away

Fade Away Fade away: Another page in life’s book Flipped by celestial fingers. Fade away: This uncontrollable fate Closed to the past. Fade away: Whilst still I might bear it Without recriminations. Fade Away: A new year pulses Behind these eyes. Fade away: Say goodbye, For I’ll never see you… Again.

Disassembling A Dream

Disassembling A Dream ’There’s bills to pay.’ ’I know.’ ’I’m not sure you do. You can’t look out of the window all your life dreaming that the glass will clear.’ ’I know.’ ’Money! The world is coloured green. You’ve got to have money to live, even to breathe. If you don’t get yourself out there, […]

50 Word Stories: Too Short an Affair

So many summers have come and gone, so many rainbows faded. I remember them with a heart over-pouring with love. Your brown eyes melt in my memory, your luxurious, chestnut hair warm in my fingers, tongue in my ear. I wish we'd had longer, Winnie, the world's best collie.

Influences 4 – Nature

I have always been interested in nature. One of my very first memories was of receiving a book called A Naturalist’s Guide to Great Britain. I still have this book even though it was given on my seventh birthday. I used to peruse the pictures and then try to identify the same things when outdoors. […]