Fade Away

Fade Away

Fade away:
Another page in life’s book
Flipped by celestial fingers.

Fade away:
This uncontrollable fate
Closed to the past.

Fade away:
Whilst still I might bear it
Without recriminations.

Fade Away:
A new year pulses
Behind these eyes.

Fade away:
Say goodbye,
For I’ll never see you…


Disassembling A Dream

Disassembling A Dream

’There’s bills to pay.’
’I know.’
’I’m not sure you do. You can’t look out of the window all your life dreaming that the glass will clear.’
’I know.’
’Money! The world is coloured green. You’ve got to have money to live, even to breathe. If you don’t get yourself out there, you’ll starve.’
’I know.’
’Is that your answer to everything? Don’t you know anything else? And stop looking out of that glass, I’ve told you.’
’I’m not looking.’
’You are.’
’I’m not.’
’Then what are you doing?’
’Just recalling a time when there wasn’t any glass at all.’

Into the Blue (Cascade Poetry)

This life

one line

one stop

this time

a pause

held breath


our death

where then

we see

what is

to be

a mote

just dust

our fate

to rust


till end

when light

will bend

and take


our pain

this day


the blue

from dark

and you

from all

that’s been

our past

my Queen

and tell

you now

this truth

of how

it breaks

my heart

dear love

we part

Influences 4 – Nature

I have always been interested in nature. One of my very first memories was of receiving a book called A Naturalist’s Guide to Great Britain. I still have this book even though it was given on my seventh birthday. I used to peruse the pictures and then try to identify the same things when outdoors. For some reason, and for someone with such a bad memory, most of the nature stuff stuck in my brain particularly birds. I still look for hawks and buzzards every time I go outside.

When I grew older — I won’t say taller — I made a point of visiting and holidaying in places that were linked with natural beauty. I’ve been lucky in visiting such wonderful countries as Norway, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden as well as many others renowned for their scenery. I have loved them all. I think this is why I love a view and at some point in the future, if ever I could afford a permanent one, it would mean more to me than any amount of material possessions.

There are two things that have brought me peace of mind. The first is writing — I honestly hate to think where I would be without creating. The second would be when I’ve been as far away from other people as I could get: the top of the Eiger in Switzerland and the Arctic Circle. I dream of those two individual things being one. I love it quiet and I love stunning scenery.


Wengen Switzerland

Author’s Note: If I remember, I’ll write a post about my visiting the Ice Hotel in Sweden, having to go to the loo in the middle of the night in nothing but my boxer shorts and a pair of trainers and walking past a bar full of very drunk people. They went quiet. I went red.

I have concerns about whether the next generation and certainly the ones after them, will be able to admire as much natural beauty as I have. This worry is probably reflected in a lot of my short writing for WordPress and with more subtlety in my long-form work. I become frightened whenever I consider the consequences of our acts. So much now rests in the hands of humanity and those hands are greased and sweaty.

Life is a delicate balance, a see-saw in a hurricane one might say. Life is colour and sound and texture and the sum of our collective imaginations. Life is also a constant source of inspiration and nature personifies it. I’m not sure what I would do without a few green trees, unkempt hedges and a stream or two. I wouldn’t write the same as I do, that’s for sure. Food for thought.

Thank you for reading


Richard M. Ankers / Author of The Eternals Series

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted

Into Eternity (Soon!)

50 Word Stories: The Haunting

A slide guitar slit through the coffee shop like a catamaran the sea. I imagined the chords gently easing aside the customers, the grinding granules, the general hullabaloo with the same simple efficiency of a gravedigger the cemetery's ochre soil. Apt, as it always was my favourite place to haunt.

Influences 2

I was a massive Marvel comics fan (never DC) when it was definitely not cool to be so. Even now, my friends would not know I once collected them. Long before special effects brought comics to life, my mind did the business for me.
I embraced comics, I think because I was a dreamer — still am. As a little kid, I'd save my pocket money and choose with relish from the few shops that stocked the original US imprints. One supermarket even packaged three Marvel comics for 15p, which tormented due to the fact they were wrapped so you could see the front and back but never the middle issue. What would it be?
My biggest joy was always the Avengers — I took great pleasure in choosing my own team — Spider-man, and later the X-Men. However, despite being overjoyed at purchasing (when I could) the aforementioned comics, my favourite issue, and appropriate now due to the Netflix series, was an Iron Fist one.
This particular comic had every element I dreamed of: fantasy; mysterious realms; cool characters; a taste of the Orient; snow. Even better than the mythical aspects of the Thor comics particularly a storyline about Ragnarok, the death of the Norse gods, the Iron Fist story involved K'un-Lun, an alternate take on Shangri-La (a major player in my later writings). I still treasure it even after almost forty years of ownership. Here it is:

Not many folks will have one of these.
PS. To any youngsters reading, that strange device in the top right corner is a bicycle. We used to ride them in the past.

I believe comics to be one of the most underrated mediums for creative expression. This doesn't apply quite as much as it used to, but there is still a snobbery attached to them when compared to books. Thank goodness for writers such as Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore who have readdressed this imbalance.
I still own hundreds of comics all packed away in storage boxes. It is one of my few regrets at leaving employment to write full time that I can now no longer afford them — sacrifices and all that.
I believe we should encourage kids to read anything (within reason) they can get their hands on. Stimulating the mind through reading, pushing the boundaries of the imagination, will bear more fruits to a child's development than ever being force-fed a computer game or TV. That's my opinion, anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this and as always thank you for reading.

Richard M. Ankers
Author of The Eternals Series
The Eternals
Hunter Hunted
Into Eternity (Soon!)