Six Word Stories: Want

Everything was a something too much.


50 Word Stories – Unsatisfactory

50 Word Stories – Unsatisfactory

“Your clothes are drab bordering on bedraggled. Your beard is uncouth, and if anything ages you. As for your face! Have you forgotten what soap and water are? In short, your return is unsatisfactory.” She ranted, and waved her handbag around the arrivals lounge.
I replied. “Darling, I’m over here.”

50 Word Stories – Closed

50 Word Stories – Closed

We loved each other, you and I. Days stood completed not when dusk dispersed in merging shadows, but when we commanded. Time had no meaning. The outside world had no place. When you opened your eyes life mattered. Only then. So why now are they closed?

Ignoble, They Won

They were not the remainder,
But the remained.
They were not an illustrious past,
But an ignoble future.
The loud and the slovenly,
Those who hid,
Relics of a world made mad:
The lunatics inherited it all.
Whilst those who tried:
The thinkers, the generous,
The less gregarious smiles at open doors;
The welcoming quiet,
As they always had,
But would no more.
Perhaps it was for the best.
Perhaps it was never meant to be.
Which shames me
As I type this final note,
For we should’ve tried harder
To change them.

This Time

This time will be different

The stars have aligned

Though I look through darkened glass

At cosmic forces in motion

But I’m sure

Yes, I’m sure

The clouds have swept aside

To reveal everything 

The moon smiling in broad circles

Of silver promises and altered gravities 

No deep, black holes

I’d see them

So this time

Yes, this time

Everything will be right

Perfect, unique

As though written in hieroglyphs 

For all history to see

We’ll be legend

Hades and Persephone reborn

This time

Yes, this time

Unlike all the rest

50 Word Stories: Emotional

She sat on the pier legs dangling over thin air like a child’s from a swing. If you looked once, you’d have thought her playful, laughing with the wind, joking with the sea. If you looked again, you’d have seen something else. Tearful, she said goodbye. Only the sea heard.