Night Wind

Night Wind

In the hour of fools
Only the ghosts understand
The shifting night wind




An inflexible foe,

You natter at my sensibilities,

A permanent companion 

Whether wanted or not.

I despise you

Though I do not say it.

I revile you

Though my secret’s safe.

For to voice such concerns

Are to air them

And aired thoughts

Can be shattered.

I have no wish for such a splintering,

Such a fragmentation of me,

For time is precious.

Without it,


We circle creation

In endless loops.

Without it

We, me, you and I are nothing,

Which worries me most

When I fear it soon shall




She came to me in tongues

A whispering, salubrious enticement 

Without ever once revealing

True words

Actual meaning

Unless it was I

Who was blinded by her tones

Like listening to a wind chime

Wrapped in a storm

One enjoys the tinkling

Without knowing whence it comes

Yet, in truth

Despite the cacophony

A solitary voice would be preferred

For silence is golden

And too much language

Is just a distraction 

Ignoble, They Won

They were not the remainder,
But the remained.
They were not an illustrious past,
But an ignoble future.
The loud and the slovenly,
Those who hid,
Relics of a world made mad:
The lunatics inherited it all.
Whilst those who tried:
The thinkers, the generous,
The less gregarious smiles at open doors;
The welcoming quiet,
As they always had,
But would no more.
Perhaps it was for the best.
Perhaps it was never meant to be.
Which shames me
As I type this final note,
For we should’ve tried harder
To change them.

From Atoms Assembled

From atoms, we sprung,
Carelessly drifting through space and time,
Observing creation,
Light in the night,
This darkness ascending.
Shared, that’s what we are,
Shared pieces of a greater whole:
A little of you, a sprinkle of me,
A dash of remembrance
Without ever remembering
The one thing we should.
Assembled, I think, or hope, or pray,
Like toys on a production line
Just waiting for a child to choose us,
The atoms we spawned from
Seeking someone to steer them,
Point them in the right direction;
The direction we had,
From atoms assembled,
We make purpose
Where none is required.
From atoms assembled,
Slowly disseminating.