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The Bite

Such candid emotions
They bite at your skin
Nipping and teasing out the truth
Un-gentle persuasions
So close to true pain
That know the answers before they are given
Shaking out falsities
Like a dog with a bone
Whose teeth will never blunt
And eyes never tire
But the last laugh is yours
As the agony of withdrawal builds
For the simple reality is this
They could’ve just asked


The Llama Drama

Author’s note: It’s amazing what you can find hiding amongst the sheep and guinea fowl on a cold English day.

Wandering Yorkshire
This Andean visitor
Thinks he is a sheep



The fog makes a shroud
Twilight brought early this day
As I close my eyes


Was (The Riddle)


If ever Was was
Was was never not
Unless she really was
And I was not?


If Was ever is
And is ever Was
Then she was Was
Still, I was not


One day Was will
She’ll say Was was
And Was will leave
Was and I, was


Our Essence

We tumbled, drifted, tumbled again
Just us against the wind,
You and I, me and you,
Leaves in a tempest,
Feathers on the wing;
Watching our lives pass
With smiles on our faces
Never wondering when we’d land,
Nor if there we’d settle
Like snowflakes made snow,
Blanketing the bad world
So all we’d know was truths.
A simple state of loving,
Our essence pooled together,
As eternal, we’d remain.



In glimmering gold
You dissect mankind’s triumph
They see only glints