How to Step out of the Dark

How to Step out of the Dark A Writer’s Guide to Creative Self-Expression As first published on Medium. Please feel free to join me there. Writing is by its nature a solitary affair. Although we may duet on a poem, seek advice on this fact or that, in essence, we sit, write and publish on […]

New Writer’s Resources Page

I thought I’d give everyone a heads-up that I have a new page on my blog. After the wonderful responses to the posts I’ve meant mostly for my Medium account, I have decided to collate all that information (and more to come) on a separate page. I hope this enables people who haven’t read them, […]

A Super-Swanky New Me

 Any of you who have read or purchased my books will know that I am published by a company called Creativia. The lovely people involved have just upgraded their website so that their authors and books are put front and centre. The result is the page that I had with them is now brand […]

Alternate Writing Resources

Alternate Writing Resources There’s Always Help Available Author’s Note: Here is my latest post on Medium. Please feel free to click the link and join me there. I think all writers (me included) have a tendency to complicate things overthinking what, how, why and where we write instead of just picking up a pen or […]

2017 Writing Goals

I read an interesting article by some wiseacre who suggested making a list of all your writing hopes and aspirations for the forthcoming year. Now I’m a writeaholic, but after scanning through the following list, I aren’t so sure it was a good idea. Nevertheless, here it is. You can all hold me to account […]

50 Word Stories: In Isolation

In the isolated nothingness between the dream and the realisation of that dream, I find myself at a crossroads. The what if moment, the great imponderable, I fear it for it is unknown. I wait, finger hovering over the publishing button, cold sweat dripping. Do it! says the Devil. Do it!

In Glass Published

I announced last month that a short story I’m very proud of, In Glass, was to be included in the Premier Issue of Phantaxis, a magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Today that magazine is published and available at all major outlets. Hooray! My thanks to all of you who asked to be informed when […]