Scattered, we roamed the lowlands like seeds in the wind waiting for a smattering of soil and our roots to take hold; there was never nearly enough. Lifted from the homes we would have built, we searched the skies for memories of that which we’d lost, that which we’d forgotten: Home. The word echoed […]

50 Word Stories: Fate

 We never saw it coming, the day the world paused. If God’s work, who could say? The long breath, we waited without exhaling as snowed ash proliferated. They came. We wept regrets, the skies afire, world aflame, everything igniting as one. The Apocalypse, some called it. I called it fate.

One Last Hurrah

Time collapsed with the inevitable crunching of multiversal cogs and gears gone mad. The scientists had claimed we’d know nothing about it, that one day we’d go to bed and wake up, the next, we wouldn’t. But we did. We stood in our crumbling streets as light and darkness battled with sound and silence, watching, […]

The Unicorn Dilemma.

“Does he have to come?” “I can’t see any reason why he shouldn’t.” “There’s only one of him.” “That’s hardly his fault. If we were to base the future of the planet on copulation, I think we’d be doing everyone a disservice.” “That’s what I’m saying, he can’t.” “He can just not with another unicorn.” […]

An Angel Wept

   She waited, wouldn’t go. When the others departed, she remained. In feathered beauty, a subtle vision in white, she was and forever would be, the last. The divine lantern slipped into the finality of night in insipid ripples of gold. No more than a melted dream, the sun dissipated. The light went out. She […]