She Came as a Ghost

 She came as a ghost in the depths of the night, her nightgown billowing like a windblown shroud of intangible white. Her feet glided over the hall carpet without ever touching the pile, her bare toes pointed down like a spectral ballerina. I thought myself dreaming and rubbed hard at my eyes, too hard. […]

Sensational Sensations

 The sensation began as a prickling beneath my fingernails, a discomfort, nothing more. Yet, like an electric current flowing under my skin, through veins supposedly carrying blood, not animosity, it made a circuitous route of my body sparing not one inch of self. If someone had shaken my shoulder, slapped my face, it would […]

50 Word Stories: These High Society Games

 A waved hand signalled his dissatisfaction, a sniff of malcontent. Nothing was good enough for this impresario of life; not the food, drink or especially the company. I took that as a personal slight as I was the company. My coup d'état: another night with his wife. Sniff at that!

The Cold Plunge

The Cold Plunge I dipped beneath the world I knew in a cold plunge of ethereal grace. The fog that had clouded my mind diminished with the iced injection, life fell away in layers. I was an orange peeled in one long, unravelling length, spaghetti wound around a fork, a vacuumed ghost. I was all […]

50 Word Stories: No Wonder

This world is packed with many wonders. There is, of course, the natural beauty of flowers or an elegant woman. There’s views from mountaintops, of oceans and sparkling eyes. There’s children playing and their grandparents watching them. Yes, many wonders, my dear, but you are no longer one of them.

50 Word Stories: Contained

She ran her finger over its contours: smooth; precise; sculpted; still warm. The metal pulsed with a glow only she felt, beat to a steady rhythm only she heard. It was an object, nothing more. A trinket, bottled memory, the urn contained HIM and he’d never ever touch her again.

The Lie

A serpentine shore, the hissing wind swept across the sands. Lifeless and barren, the beach echoed with the memories of heroes butchered and cowards tears. But what choice did I have, as I pulled my small, wooden boat up onto the inhospitable land. Why would I risk my life, my very soul on such a foolhardy […]


I was chained: feet to hands, hands to neck, shackles locked and the key thrown away. Left for dead in a dark, dank pit that even the worms declined to visit, I mired in my own demise. It was not my fault I had been born to royalty and I certainly did not flaunt it, but that counted […]

Divine Retribution

 Was it divine retribution That cast me from the clouds, Hurled I was to smash on rock? Did I not splinter in pain, Did I not break, Shatter like an egg shell; Exterior cracked beyond repair? Or, was it imagination only, The wind in my face, Water molecules colliding with immortal skin- The sound of angels screaming? I shall muse on it, Cogitate for some time, For that […]