50 Word Stories: Life

 My friends said it inevitable that I’d lose her. She’d always had her heart set on bigger things, stardom, the good life. Her eyes strayed about a second after we’d first so passionately kissed. Why did she leave, you ask? Life, my reply. Because that’s what I couldn’t give her.

To Love

Whenever I feel stuck, the world gelatinous and unmoving, I think of you. With the fluid motion of oceans lost, oceans found and oceans yet to be, you lubricate my soul. This is power you have over me. This is your spell. And this is what it means to love.

Sands (Tanka)

 West wind whispering Goodbye to a citrine sun Tropical farewell Feeling the white beach Running through our bare toes Like the sands of time


 Her skin was the colour of the last April snows, her lips the red of rebirth. Gentle of mind and body, she flirted with us all in pursuit of a distant summer. These things always seem further than they are passing all to swiftly when you’d wish them not. We treasured those few months […]

The Once Lovers

 Yes, we were lovers, you and I. The spring knew us as the dawn on a dewy meadow, summer as a sun-kissed sky. Winter was warmer for our passion, the snow never settling, the winds not wild just free. In autumn, leaves fell around us as confetti at a wedding that would never be. […]


 She’s heard in every heartbeat, Seen in the depths of a mind’s eye, A constant portrait of unblemished perfection. Felt in the static that prickles the skin, She’s no illusion, but reality made intangible, A ghost so true as to tease corporeality. Though her presence is not required To be imagined, it is longed […]