We move in ever-decreasing circles, you and I. A world without boundaries has contracted with us trapped somewhere at its centre waiting for the fences to fail. Still, not so long ago, we’d have thought to fly, to flee, to never look back and sparkle regardless. Those times are distant memories now. I miss them. […]

Crystal (A Short Fairytale)

Crystal (A Short Fairytale) I was no hero, no great warrior built to crush skulls with one hand whilst drinking flagons of ale with the other. I was a nobody, but somebody had to save her and everyone else was dead. The heroes had entered the castle with flashing swords and raucous battle cries. Not […]

The Weeping Hours

In the mellow hours, she wept, That time of velvet night. I heard her from my window; Restless, I paced a dream, And thought it an angel, or faerie, or queen. Lightless, I sought her, Stole upon her tears, But the witching hour concealed her, Her sadness unrevealed. I’d wake for years and hear her, […]

Hope Is Half of Hopeless

Tis a solitary confinement this existence I lead, where the light of day goes unseen, dusk and dawn forming an intangible prison, a clock. To live within a time span is inhuman, when one should range amongst forever. I shall think on this. I do a lot of thinking. To be expelled in favour of […]