Like Oceans

 If gratitude was an ocean, I’d have poured myself upon her. To see her float in my waves, drown in my eyes as I did hers, hang weightless for all eternity in swirls of aquamarine, a price worth paying, I think. We met by the ocean; it seemed perfect symmetry it ending there, too. […]

50 Word Stories: Babylon

 She leant over a verdant balcony, her hair longer than the vines which climbed the city walls. Raven, she was, dark of eye and silken locks. I desired her, who wouldn’t? Yet this was Babylon, the Euphrates beckoned a sailor to the sea. The girl would wait, but adventure wouldn’t.

50 Word Stories: Beneath

 I'd felt it. She'd felt it. Our son remained asleep. Our yacht rocked though the sea didn't, becalmed, it stretched into forever. I scanned the surface looking to all points of the compass, then even the sky: nothing. When I looked back to Jane, she wept. Her index pointed beneath.

50 Word Stories: Shipwrecked

 The storm tossed us around like straw in a meadow. Violent gusts of wind tore the ship apart and hurled me unnoticed into the spewing waves. I screamed, but nobody heard. It wasn’t the ocean that killed me. It was my mind. I believed myself shipwrecked, but it argued lost.

The Held Breath

Golden light filtered through the aquamarine water casting opaque, rippling shadows across the seabed like clouds in a clear blue sky. The sun’s rays were never the same, always beautiful, a living, moving tapestry that rolled across the coral and kelp in endless cycles of underwater perfection. Turtles dove for it, sharks hunted for it, […]