50 Word Stories: The Sycamore Seeds

They spiralled down like dislodged plane rotors from the smallest fleet ever built. Millions? Well, that might’ve been exaggerating. Closer to thousands. Not one of them struck me, though. They avoided me with what I considered measured contempt. The last sycamore seeds of autumn. They could try again next year.

50 Word Stories: Ready?

Autumn has swept in without my knowing. An early gloom has stolen my evening reading and ushered in the need for unnatural, electric light; it buzzes like a swarm of flies. Northern kisses settle on chapped lips, the promise of snowflake tomorrows. There’s a change. Are you ready? I am. 


 Her skin was the colour of the last April snows, her lips the red of rebirth. Gentle of mind and body, she flirted with us all in pursuit of a distant summer. These things always seem further than they are passing all to swiftly when you’d wish them not. We treasured those few months […]

Like The Seasons

 Cherry blossom petals torn from the tree, One epidermis shed in preparation for another, Stripped bare by cold, remorseless winds; This Spring made Winter in a mixed up morning. I see it all through watering eyes, alone, The sleek grass topped by sleet – a poor man’s dew – Grapples at my shoes, pulling […]

50 Word Stories: Time’s Circle

 New life burst from the thought dead branches in plumes of bone-white like skeletal remains given a beauteous second chance. The world gleamed in their brave reemergence and so did I. Another year, another season in time’s circle had begun, and it still carried the colours of the last.