Spectral Inversion

Spectral inversionI think I might beA ghost prior to deathLonely, so lonely Seeing the coloursBut never the lightHearing the demonsUnable to fight Spectral inversionYeah, guess that’s meDying by daylightLonely, so lonely Touching at rainbowsNot feeling the rainLost in a snowstormEach bring such pain Spectral inversionSome claim that I beThough I prefer hollowE-ter-nal-ly A Poem by […]

50 Word Stories: These Golden Dawns

50 Word Stories: These Golden Dawns Something about a winter sunrise stirred my soul, coated it in liquid gold, a protective cocoon that only angels enjoyed. Everyone got the summer dawns but not the winter. Timing was everything. Solitude essential. One had to just get up and relish them. And I have. And I will […]

The Coliseum  

These coliseum cliffs encroach In staggering circles Exits barred, crowds cheering Lions licking lips When bothering to look The sand beneath my feet Deep, a smothering quicksand  Of crushed bones, stolen dreams A brutal dispersement of truths Backed by force And as I look high to tempestuous skies I realise There is no leaving this […]


Unpicking Just falling apart at the seams Life lived in corners With words and night Quiet and still Living in dreamworlds Whilst exterior dreams die The leaves on the big tree Watching me crumble Like pie crusts on sky Retreat, they say Block it all away And I do But it won’t  As the laughter […]

Who Stole My Stripe?

Alternate Title: Richard! What Are You Doing? As many of you know, I'm a simple guy. I take great delight in often very basic things and express little joy over such monumental purchases as cars, houses and their ilk. In true Yorkshire fashion, 'I like what I like'. So, you can imagine my delight at […]