Barbed Wire Kiss

This jagged smile she plays for fun An indelicate balance tilted in her favour Such an exact science, applied and described Crimson painted, plum or sea blue It matters not Styled for the moment, smudged with a wave Exposed is an exposure kindly received Works both ways she says And I believe her because she’s […]

Extract from a Kept Man’s Diaries

There is little difference between day and night, colours blend in shades of dreams; I feel them more than see them. This apartment has become my cage, a barrier I cannot break. The door no longer opens onto a world of smiles, raised glasses, others. I am kept, trapped, a man made toy, a person […]

This Heat (Drabble)

This bar by the beach doesn’t lessen the heat, it amplifies it. I no longer drip with perspiration, but something else, something feral. There’s a cool breeze blowing off the ocean, a beer in my hand, condensation taking a slow tour of the glass, but every second I’m sitting here, I’m getting hotter. Why? This […]


It was her pout, Her blatant disregard, The cool undeniable truth, She was better than the rest. There was nothing, Not one thing, No rumour, hope or scientific fact, No emblazoned message Written in the stars Nor tattooed sentence on Earth’s epidermis That could convince her otherwise: She was iconic. Superior, would’ve been an understatement, […]


 Shimmering in satin, Firelight flickering, Flames scaling the material  One distracted moment at a time, She reclines in repose. Engulfing every fibre in a heat, A reckless abandonment Of the usual laws of nature That is matched only By the breath of she beneath, The licking amber tastes of her. Unconcerned, she blinks an eye, Scoops away stray locks; She wears it so well. Yet, it is such […]