Barbed Wire Kiss

This jagged smile she plays for fun

An indelicate balance tilted in her favour

Such an exact science, applied and described

Crimson painted, plum or sea blue

It matters not

Styled for the moment, smudged with a wave

Exposed is an exposure kindly received

Works both ways she says

And I believe her because she’s grinning

It can only be glee, can’t it?

Trap set, locked and straining

The night vibrates with palpable anticipation

She closes. We close. They close

The next stage of a plan planted

Grown in a place where the sun don’t shine

Tended with steel wool and polish

Scrubbed to angelic perfection

Just awaiting the clack of horizontal gates closed

Where glinting blinds

So eyes are closed

The chink of twinned metal resonates through my spine

Pull away, but I can’t

Free yourself, but I won’t

And she has me, as she’s had those many others

Those tin soldiers, smelted and melted

Reduced to puddles of oozing goop

Sucked through barbed wire lips

With a straw for a tongue

I’ve lost. She’s won. All over

But the night is long and I own pliers

So perhaps I’ll try again tomorrow

Extract from a Kept Man’s Diaries

There is little difference between day and night, colours blend in shades of dreams; I feel them more than see them. This apartment has become my cage, a barrier I cannot break. The door no longer opens onto a world of smiles, raised glasses, others. I am kept, trapped, a man made toy, a person who has lost his purpose to be purposed by another. This is not the love I signed on for. This is not what I want.
The traffic is heavy tonight. I watch it from our balcony with a glass of claret and a scowl. The sun and moon share the sky for a time dancing across the rooftops like yin and yang. How can their balance, one of celestial proportions, be easier achieved than ours? How?
I glance at my watch; your time approaches. I gulp the wine, a sour year, waiting, just waiting.
You arrive full of gifts, smiles, that look in you eye. It is a look I know I no longer share. You appraise my clothing, hair, even my outlook. You do not see the moon, nor sun, for you are hungry, but not for food.
I wake to another day, another month, another me, and unwrap my presents: clothes. I still cannot leave the apartment. Your will won’t allow it.

This Heat (Drabble)

This bar by the beach doesn’t lessen the heat, it amplifies it. I no longer drip with perspiration, but something else, something feral. There’s a cool breeze blowing off the ocean, a beer in my hand, condensation taking a slow tour of the glass, but every second I’m sitting here, I’m getting hotter. Why? This isn’t me, I don’t get sweaty and nervous and out of breath. Then again, I’ve never sat next to you before. I’ve never been this close to a woman so hot I could fry an egg on her skin. This heat, it’s getting to me.


It was her pout,
Her blatant disregard,
The cool undeniable truth,
She was better than the rest.
There was nothing,
Not one thing,
No rumour, hope or scientific fact,
No emblazoned message
Written in the stars
Nor tattooed sentence on Earth’s epidermis
That could convince her otherwise:
She was iconic.
Superior, would’ve been an understatement,
Goddess, barely scratch the surface;
She could have any man,
Anyone, for that matter,
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere,
And there wasn’t a thing they could do about it.
Elemental, a force of nature,
The inevitability of being intoxicated by her,
Wooed by presence,
Was as definite as the turning tides.
She’d lounge against the bar like a cat
Purring into a drink she hadn’t bought,
Oozing sexuality,
Demanding respect.
A look was enough,
The flash of an eye,
Arc of an eyebrow;
Nothing else required.
Men were fascinated by her.
To women, she was a fascination.
She was the epitome of sex on legs and she loved it.
Everybody loved it.
Except me.
That’s what burned her
Because I couldn’t give a ****


 Shimmering in satin,
 Firelight flickering,
 Flames scaling the material
 One distracted moment at a time,
 She reclines in repose.
 Engulfing every fibre in a heat,
 A reckless abandonment
 Of the usual laws of nature
 That is matched only
 By the breath of she beneath,
 The licking amber tastes of her.
 Unconcerned, she blinks an eye,
 Scoops away stray locks;
 She wears it so well.
 Yet, it is such a delicate balance,
 A precarious perfection
 With the potentiality for inferno.
 Dare I apply one more coal to the hearth,
 Stir the embers?
 Why not,
 There’s a whole sack to spare.

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Succubus Disruption

 The sweat does ooze
 From pores too deep
 The succubus
 Disturbs my sleep
 With fire and ice
 She seeks to tempt
 My righteous thoughts
 To circumvent
 In ruby shoes
 And little else
 She winks an eye
 It’s sex she sells
 Yet met her match
 She has in me
 As angel sleeps
 At side of me
 And shawl of love
 Is cast out wide
 So succubus
 Go run and hide


It’s a freezing promise of eternal bliss
That scented rose, that first sweet kiss
An enticing thought you know is wrong
A flash of a thigh before it’s gone
A sampled passion that no one sees
An act of submission whilst on your knees
You’ve tried to avoid the devil’s lure
You thought you had, but now aren’t sure
Because the eyes you thought weren’t there
Had thus been watching from cold nowhere
Despite the planning and subterfuge
Your painted eyes, your lips of rouge
The cruelest demons lurking down below
The Fallen ones of you now know
And all the rest of your sweet life
You’ll try to act the perfect wife
But fear has found your deepest thoughts
The grief you’ve caused cannot be fought
Pain manifested and now being shared
As your dark soul’s forever bared

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