Individuality Lost

“Standing in the shade with shadows and strewn leaves, I feel a strange affinity with the world all around. Like me, this zone of the dark and lost is displaced from the English summer everyone else inhabits. Scattered fragments of seasons lost, we crinkle together, the leaves and I, discussing our cool displeasure. I may remain here, if the shadows will have me, unless that means individuality lost?”


The Space Between Shadows

It is not the vertical delineation of the trees

Nor the warm light of a golden summer’s day

Not even the emerald hues of forest, meadow and glade

No, it is not they that proportion life’s boundaries

But the space between shadows that defines

Those gentle taunts of what’s to come

And the reassurance that we’ll one day find them

In The Shadows, We Reclined

In the shadows, we reclined

Rendering passers by quite blind


Bereft of their golden glow

No desire had we to go


Instead we shared dark thoughts

Though most did come to naught


Palest vampire bride and I

Adrift and mired ‘neath coal sky


We talked of love and cold hearts

How easily life departs


Discussed finer points of death

Though indeed we wasted breath


Till at last the sun did set

Gothic hearts we did forget


And took our revenge on those

Not worthy of our dark clothes


We sucked and slurped until dawn

Until all mankind forlorn


Then shadows, they took us back

Till tonight, our next attack

50 Word Stories: At Dusk

The shadows twisted and cavorted like moths before a porch lantern, fizzing off the glow, fluttering in exuberance. But there was no flame at the forest’s edge, no fire, no torches, no light. A passionate embracing of the night soon to come, the shadows danced. Dusk’s ballet signalled my doom.

Beyond the Perimeter

Standing at the perimeter looking in
 Watching the flashing smiles of glistening teeth;
 They’re false smiles, but smiles nonetheless.
 Everyone looks so happy with the sun shining down on them,
 Whilst I patrol the limitless shadows.
 One day I hope to step into their world,
 But it shall be on my own terms, not others.
 Until that day, I’ll watch, wait,
 And pretend to be happy just incase anyone sees me.
 After all, there’s always a chance.

Not Alone

To stand in the middle of a crowded room,
 Look about at all the faces,
 Just facades,
 Nothing more,
 And go unnoticed.
 They stare, but don’t see,
 As you reach out and feel nothing,
 Pleading with eyes of pooling tears,
 Open your mouth but not find words.
 This is how it feels to be lonely
 To be unrecognised and unrecognisable.
 So the next time you trip over a shadow,
 Whilst toasting someone you’ve never met,
 Meet the eyes of the solitary one
 Just to say that they are not alone.
 After all, one day it could be you?