50 Word Stories – Pay Attention

“Pay attention, small fry,” he said, which got our backs up straightaway. “I’m giving one unbreakable command. Understand?” We nodded. “Don’t follow.” With that, he stepped off the cliff and into the void. “He ain’t tellin’ me what to do!” I bellowed. So I suppose it was my fault really.

50 Word Stories – Birds of Hope

They did not fly, nor move more than but a few inches, even then just beak to beak. Twisting coils of white-feathered, serpentine necks, they adored each other with a perfection mastered over generations. Beautiful, they were, in a world gone mad, two cranes preening where children once played.

Ferocity Lost

Their ferocity mirrored our own. Man for man, pound for pound, we tore into each other with a reckless abandon balanced only by the immovability of both. Stalemate. Like deadlocked chess pieces all we had fought for had achieved nothing. Nothing!  Was this war at its worse were armies died without purpose? Or was that […]

50 Word Stories: Last Thoughts

50 Word Stories: Last Thoughts The cliffs, sheer to the point of vertiginous madness, met the waves in a crescendo of nature at its most powerful. Like a boxer on the ropes, the granite took a pummelling. How many years the liquid versus solid war had waged, who knew? She wondered how bones would fair?

50 Word Stories: With Regret

And though we welcomed them with arms open, a smile creasing our desperate faces, they shunned us.  And though we offered food, lodgings, the comforts of home, they spurned our genuine invitations. And we regretted our recklessness, our hopes and shared loves. Were they our children? What had we made?

New Release: Once Upon A Broken Dream

Author’s Note: I’m pleased to announce the release of Once Upon A Broken Dream. This is a Science Fiction and Fantasy anthology I’m lucky enough to have a short story included in, and has just gone live on Kindle. My story, Sapphire Heartbreaks, is a look into the alternate Victorian world of my future releases. I […]

Cometh the Rain (Part 5)

A dagger grin flashed from between crimson lips. He indicated to where the others couldn’t see right behind the sun catcher, to the summit of that blazing, reflected beam. The device, his device, burned heaven. An almost perfect match to his shed skin, the universe was no longer black but crimson.Our so-called saviour laughed and […]