Stolen Souls

 She possessed a haunting, lilting voice. Hard to age by ear or eye, I watched as she took centre stage in every aspect of its meaning. The other singers became as statues, their faces unobserved, voices unnecessary, the lavish set as nothing other than a backdrop to her. For me, it was the diva’s […]

Her Essence

I feel her essence on the wind It permeates my skin, tantalises And although she may be distant And although she’s far from view I’ll taste her soul upon my lips And bask in her every moment

The Girl By The window

The girl by the window, Ephemeral flare, She sits all alone As the wind stirs her hair, Just gazing at cobwebs  Which drift in the light, Smiling to no one, Her lips pinched quite tight. The world moves about her, But she doesn’t drift. The space between us, It cuts like a rift. And though I don’t know […]


You were always my girl Before we even met You were always the one My beautiful brunette You were always my sweet Your hazel eyes waiting You were always my love Though life for us fleeting You were always my doll In porcelain refrain You were always my wife And then you took my name