The Last

Spillwords Publication

Today, I’m pleased to announce my third short story for goes live.

The Last is a short commentary on what might happen if the entity known as Death departs our shores. I hope you enjoy this short read.

Spillwords hosts an incredible array of top quality work, both poetry and prose. There is never a chance of being disappointed if taking the time to peruse their site.

As always, a big thank you to Spillwords for hosting my words and to you all for reading them. I hope you enjoy The Last.

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Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series

and Britannia Unleashed


The Dying Time – Published Today!

Spillwords Featured Post

I’m very proud to announce that have kindly chosen my short story ‘The Dying Time‘ as a featured post of the day. Spillwords house a wonderful selection of poetry and prose from all around the globe. Please do check them out.

The Dying Time‘ is the story of a young mother’s loss seen through the eyes of her new lover. Her sadness and strange behaviour will unravel before his eyes. I hope you enjoy the read.

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Richard M. Ankers
Author of the brand new steampunk extravaganza Britannia Unleashed.
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Published on Spillwords

I’m proud and pleased to have had my first piece of writing published on

Spillwords is a wonderful place for both readers and writers to overindulge on quality stories, poetry and more, and I highly recommend it.

My short fiction post titled ‘This Frost Upon Me‘ goes live today. I hope to publish many more there.

Do wander across via the link and have a good look around.

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