These Dreams

These dreams defy the mind of manEscape the touch of womanThese dreams are lost in fog and swirlsAbiding with the forgottenThough deemed as penance, souls long goneThe truth, they serve a purposeFor intangible pastimes I’ll n’er wantBy nature ever restless Image courtesy Aziz Acharki on

Ghosts of Creation Past

“It is the ghost of creation long past,” said the old man. “But it’s so beautiful!” The child holding his hand gasped with excitement. “Creation is beautiful.” “But if it is the ghost of what was, then is it not a dream?” “There is a fine line between dreams and creation. It only takes a […]

The Others

With wings of stone she sheltered the others. Her bouquet, frozen in time, she stood were once she’d flown without a tear left to shed. But the others knew that she wept, for they heard her in the still of each midnight. They were grateful in their deceased way those long since gone; someone had […]

Partying with the Damned

At the door: Space surrounds me, Whenever, Wherever, A certain distance,  A certain fluid Nothingness. I would fill it  With something Though I know not what. There must be something, Mustn’t there? In the room: The crowds part, Peeling from my private universe. Eclipsed they fade away And I remain  Untouched, Untainted, Myself. I have […]

Where Ravens Sleep

 Where Ravens sleep, I draw my midnight cloak. Within the dark swells of soul, Where oblivion seeks to corner, Or caress, Whichever suits, Whichever works, I cower. It is a starless cajoling, An insidious persuasion. The cold breath of eternity Breaks upon the shores of my skin, And I shiver, And I quake, And I fear. But it is not the darkness, Nor the eyes that flitter in desperation, Nor even the […]


 Through fire And flame Through hunger And pain  Through thick And thin Through truth And sin Through more And less Through no And yes Through old And new Through me And you Through toil And toll Throughout  My soul    

Cost & Effect

 You can take your money Your mula, your dough, And stick it somewhere The sun don’t show. It doesn’t impress me; It doesn’t sit right, As I’d rather watch cobwebs And stars at night. If all that you live for Is gathering green, Living for trinkets, Baubles that gleam,  Then I’m sorry to say this But you’re not for me. In my humble opinion  All the best things […]

Ghost Girl

For Kruti. Check out her wonderful blog.     Ghost Girl  There’s a ghost of a girl that haunts my nights. She floats across the surf, Glides past the breakers, Of the beach I sit and view. She’s searching for something, I think? Perhaps, the life the ocean took from her, Perhaps not? I see her from my room when the full moon shines, Hear her too. I […]