Warm Winter Walks (Tanka)

Sakura petals
A perfect carpet of pink
Warmer than the snow
Meandering memories
Seasons drifting out of time


Her skin was the colour of the last April snows, her lips the red of rebirth. Gentle of mind and body, she flirted with us all in pursuit of a distant summer. These things always seem further than they are passing all to swiftly when you’d wish them not.

We treasured those few months she was with us, savoured her every last intoxicating aroma. A seasonal adjustment, she guided us away from the cold and drear presenting us instead with that most treasured of quantities, promise. We called her Blossom, that Spring was hers.

50 Word Stories: The White Caps

Winter threw his frosted cloak over Spring as if to conceal her forever. Those few hardy flowers who’d risked the early year disappeared overnight, only the snowdrops remaining. They shook their white caps and persevered risking all for life. They won. I don’t know how, but they did. Seasonal miracles.

Spring Trickings

The Spring sun threatens pretend heat.
In glorious dispersals of intermittent gold
It leaves trickling, sinews of life on my window glass.
It is tempting, so very tempting,
But for a time I resist and write my little heart out.
Occasionally, I look up to check the molten orb’s still there, which it is,
But in the end crack.
I close my laptop, place my imagination on hold and go outside:
It’s freezing, but I smile anyway.