Six Word Stories: Stars

The stars only shone on looking.

50 Word Stories: Iced

The water chilled as it killed. Frozen in place by the quick-freezing lake, each star seemed to hang in a limbo of thickening mists though their twins in the sky kept on shining. And I wondered then, as I hugged myself tight, would it be the same for me?

#VignetteSeries – Callisto Descends


“My name is Kalliste.”

“That’s unusual, lovely, but unusual,” I bumbled.

“You may know me better by Callisto.”

“As in the moon of Jupiter?”

“Amongst other things.”

She blinked, and the world went dark. My heart stopped, body froze, even the birds fell silent in the forest. When she reopened them, I gasped; she smiled.

“My form affects you?” she purred like a Siamese cat.

“You… you… are very beautiful.”

“My apologies. I thought this form best suited when I fell from the sky.”


“More drifted, really.”

“But… but…”

“I did not anticipate such obscure behaviour. Allow me to change.”

She did. In a burst of emerald and amber light, she grew in size, bulk, proportions. She towered above me and roared into the night, a bear of such magnitude as to frighten lions.

“Is this better?’ she growled. “I am the great bear fallen from the night sky, my image missing from the stars.”

And it was. Her constellation had vanished, in its place, darkness.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“Even a nymph must mate,” her drooled reply.

“Maybe best as you was then,” I said, as I took off my shoes.

All but Infinity

There are windows in this evening sky, pools of perfect midnight.
Stars circle here swimming in the endless oceans of forever;
a time-lapse memory of everything that ever was,
ever is, and glimpses of what still might be.
There are no clouds to obscure, no false lights to drown out eternity,
nothing but my own dreams and the images I carry of you.
I would stay here if I could, eyes closed to all but infinity.
I would if I could.

Where The Stars

This never ending spiral
Helter-skelter or egg timer
Tipped, I plummet
Flipped, I rise
So easy to pour
So much harder to stop
Base greased and fast
No grip for the wicked
No eventuality given
None wanted
Unsure if the sun rises
Or sets
An over-easy egg mid-turn
Burning in gold
Simmering in saffron
Hanging in the sky
Where the night
Where the stars
Where the peace of closed eyelids
Mind rested
Body grateful
Please tell me
Is it there?