Few Hairs and The Torteless

So that’s his game! The old man sat there with a brick for a phone pressed to his hairy ear. He squinted, strained to hear whoever he talked with, mouthed spittle-infused words. Oh, he was good. Really good. But it was an obvious ruse. He turned and gave me that glassy-eyed look only the elderly […]

Security Breaches – Be Vigilant

Sorry if you’ve wondered where I’ve been just at a time when I needed to be about, but awful things can happen. I am careful to the point of paranoia with passwords and the like even using a specialist app to make unbreakable ones. Yet someone did break it. I had my Outlook and Microsoft […]

Automaton (Drabble)

The zeroes and ones snuck up on us like a morning alarm, no matter how many times we pressed snooze, they just kept coming. In waves of pulsing, cobalt light, flashing beacons and white noise, they enveloped us. I often asked myself if I could have done better, preempted the war, but knew in my […]

In Voice: Technological Shortfalls

“What’s that?” “My hard drive.” “It’s not very big.” “It doesn’t need to be.” “Says who?” “The lady in the store.” “Was she laughing when she said it?” “No. She said it might be small but offers lots of protection.” “Safety man, eh?” “You’ve got to be.” “So why haven’t you put it away?” “It […]

50 Word Stories: The Raven 2016

A raven flew in the apartment, perched on the wall-mounted OLED and cawed, "No chance, pal!" "You dissing me?" cried the brooding youth, swatting it with his iPad. "No chance pal!" it replied repeatedly. He tried, but the youth couldn’t find Beyoncé’s picture on his iPhone. He never would.

The Steel Ones

Red-eyed and dark  The shadows move. They outnumber us now: Four feet; Four eyes; Hard shelled, And hateful. When did we lose the battle For our own existences? Was there even a battle? I see the odd biped  Moving through the flow  With fear etched upon their face. I share it; I hate it. This […]

Future Past

Washed up on some distant shore, Memory of what came before. Beach of crystal fibres gleaming, Fabricated child stooping, feeling, Collects a trinket, battered, grazed. With passing thought light is raised. Held to air, what could it be, do? Imperfect circle, gold of hue. Not made for him, not meant for all, Unique prize for […]