In Silhouette

And though the world be silhouette, the definition of thy lines holds more power than any vibrant memory. In each stroke I remember, each molecule of ink I feel. This is no random symmetry, no desperate thought reformed, but all I was and am and wish. Brush strokes on a canvas to you and she […]

The In-between

We were tired, so tired. The trip by train across two continents and seventeen nations had worn at our souls if not our eyes. Each new day had offered experience, adventure, and a test of not falling asleep. Yet in all those hours, those moments in time, the one view I’d savoured most was the […]

50 Word Stories: The Remembered Road

The road coughed up dust like a cat a hairball, neither pleasant and both lasting too long. I'd traveled the same baked mud for ten days on an incline that wore at the soul. When the horizon fell away, however, a new land unrolling like a tapestry, I remembered why.

50 Word Stories: Home

 It doesn't matter how many pairs of boots you wear, the miles they've covered, what they've seen, they'll never replace a pair of slippers by your own door. It was a simple detail, lesson learned, but learn it I did. I just wish you'd been there to pass me them.

50 Word Stories: Small Town Summers

 “I’m chasing the Summer.” “But it’s Winter?” “Gotta be Summer somewhere.” “S’ppose.” He leapt on his Hog. “No plan, then?” “Nope.” “Never coming back?” “Nope.” “Not even when Summer returns?” He lowered his shades. “Summer ain’t ever returning, not here.” He left in a cloud of dust; it never settled.

50 Word Stories: The Wanderer

I wandered the shores of infinity, stars lapping at my polished, black shoes. I'd never felt closer to the beginning than at the end, swimming in star stuff. By choice, I should've lingered, alas, time was against me. I left those shoes to find my way back in their reflection.