50 Word Stories: Misunderstood

His smile beguiled, jokes made light of life. Life, however, made no light of him. Only the rolling tides behind grey eyes revealed truths, those endless waves of torment. Drowning in discussions, floundering in plain sight, he drifted away.  For the best, said some.  Misunderstood, said others, without knowing why.

Sensational Sensations

 The sensation began as a prickling beneath my fingernails, a discomfort, nothing more. Yet, like an electric current flowing under my skin, through veins supposedly carrying blood, not animosity, it made a circuitous route of my body sparing not one inch of self. If someone had shaken my shoulder, slapped my face, it would […]

50 Word Stories: Breaking the Silence

 Life turned on a bedroom whisper. A lover's bed is a haven: warm; safe; a release from the trials of life. Darkness becomes a draped blanket, the intoxicating silence a balm. It was for me until that moment when we both lay exhausted and the name she breathed wasn't mine.

50 Word Stories: Words

 They say the eyes cannot lie. You can twist words, expound falsities, be economical with the truth all with varying degrees of success, but meet someone's eyes and all else falls away. When I met hers, my whole life fell away. Where were those words when I needed lies most?


“I remember my grandad today more than most. He touches me on the shoulder with a reassuring chill like he used to before the winter took him. His voice asks if the war is over. I tell him it is. He sighs at my lie. I suspect he knows the truth.”