June Author Update

Nimbus Takes Shape Don’t rush. Take your time. Enjoy. I might have these words stencilled to my eyelids because my fingers aren’t listening. No matter how hard I try to rein them in, they’re off. Tip-tap-tip-tap-tip-tap goes the keyboard like hailstones on a tin roof. Must be a storm coming. Perhaps there is? I have […]

Notes from a Day of Writing Steampunk

Notes from a Day of Writing Steampunk There is an irrefutable beauty to dallying in the fog of Victorian London, even if it is an alternate one. I imagine myself drawn through a city in a horseless carriage, steam pumping from its pistons to merge with the grey, a flickering gaslight lighting the immediate space […]


Like all creatures of the night, she remained elusive to those of day. Despite my earnest endeavours, my quarry remained cloaked by shadow.   It was not that she feared capture, far from it, more that it unconcerned her. I think that was her downfall, her disinterest.  The trap, plied with the one commodity guaranteed to lure […]