Elsewhere / Somewhere / Nowhere

 Time cascades Where once it streamed Life pouring over the precipice In torrents of me A most magical tumbling If one accepts it Of liquid and light A return to the womb Cocooned in a separate reality This curtain of creation falls Upon a rock-strewn stage There is no avoiding it I await the […]

50 Word Stories: The Flood

 It began as a trickling like rain on a summer’s night running down a window. Without noticeable change, the water gurgled and giggled as though a river building to the sea. When it roared through every sense, a bestial thing, a god, I knew the truth: the flood had come.


 Blue is the colour Dark reflection of above Hiding life’s riches Author’s Note: I took this picture myself after visiting some ponds I hadn’t seen for twenty-five years. It was lovely to see them now a nature reserve and cared for.

50 Word Stories: Dangerous Waters

"Doesn't it scare you swimming in here?" "Nothing to worry about. The sharks ate the piranhas, alligators ate them, crocodile them, that was messy, and then a mad hippo went and killed all that was left." "So it's just you and the hippo." "No, she's busy doing the washing up."

50 Word Stories: When the Spring Tides Come

 She peered through a frill of willow tendrils dark eyes glaring. Tied to the river as she'd been the sea, the girl's tail flashed a silver dagger. I'm ashamed to say I ran when all she wanted was a friend. I dream about her still when the spring tides come.

50 Word Stories: Wonderful Departures

 The angled sunlight made mirrors of the water, the sky below as above. It was like sailing between worlds in neither one realm nor the other, a breath held. My small boat made passage as though on that final trip we all must take. If so, what a wonderful departure. Author's Note: as almost […]

50 Word Stories: In Reflection

 Only in reflection are the true colours of nature seen. Hidden from prying eyes beneath satin sheets of glasslike liquidity a red sun tumbles. Mountain peaks and valley depths capture the sunset saving the last sheen of another day for the thankful fish. All good things to those who wait.