The Hurting Moon

 In bleak misadventures did I find the real me, uncovered the truth. Beneath a grinning moon that transgressed surreal to border on bizzare, bathed in the light celestial, I turned to the other side. Cold fire and silver slivers; the pain refreshed, not harmed. The hurting moon, an old wive’s tale; a feral beginning, […]

The Wolf Among Us: Golden.

  The lifespan of wolves made it difficult for Luna. No sooner would she grow attached to one than nature would take it from her. She never really settled with the pack. I did my best for my daughter, acted as I thought a father should, but my turning presented problems. I would never have […]

The Wolf Among Us: Luna.

Winter hit with one swift, remorseless stroke. Rock and meadow gave way to an ocean of snow that undulated in the fierce north winds.  The pack proved restless around their new alpha. I had become a king amongst wolves without raising a paw. It was not a title I’d asked for nor savoured. But, if […]

Full Moon Rising

   A prickling behind the eyes: it begins.  Don’t look! Every pore seeks to expunge my inner self. I’m being forced out of my own skin.  Don’t look! A scratch without respite, I contort and convulse.  Don’t look! And I howl to the wind.  I want to look. Full moon waiting.

Full Moon Rising

 Chalk white, she observes The furred ones calling to her So sad, so mournful  In swathes of midnight They seek only to exist As their time is short  By luna cycle  Such lonesome lives are governed Beautifully lured  In melancholy They watch the full moon rising In despair they howl         

I Am Wolf

 There is no wind, all is still below the wild moon. I hunt; we hunt, individuals bathed in silver light, metallic colouring seeking metallic tang. Working as one to lessen the hardship of the Alaskan wilderness, we persevere.   Winter has been hard. Deep snows have tested us, and found a few wanting. Only the strong […]