North Wind

North Wind Winter She started as snowflakes whipped from the top of the year’s deepest snow, an effervescent twinkling of purest white. I knew her a child of the North wind, for her slow materialisation from a loose collection of white dustings to an image of porcelain perfection that nipped at my cheeks and numbed […]

The Winter Tree

 "They say its petals fall to remind us of winters past." "I don't want to remember them." "No?" "No. What's so special about winter, anyway?" "Its beauty." "Petals are more beautiful than snow." "Are they?" "Snow's cold." "And if the petals fell early whilst winter still nipped at your cheeks? How would you know […]

In Winter Stills

In Winter Stills There is a path off a road off a hillside off a dream, a path where all the silent ones go to sleep. I followed it once without care for myself. This is where it led. The snow fell in relentless cascades obliterating my footprints so I might’ve stepped through a thickening […]