It was not her perfume, exquisite though it was Neither was it her hair, the colour of a waking dream Nor her lithe and slender body, mesmerising as a nymph It was her eyes, always her eyes Those light-consumptive orbs of splendour Darker than the abyss and deeper than the pit Blacker than black, as […]

Barbed Wire Kiss

This jagged smile she plays for fun An indelicate balance tilted in her favour Such an exact science, applied and described Crimson painted, plum or sea blue It matters not Styled for the moment, smudged with a wave Exposed is an exposure kindly received Works both ways she says And I believe her because she’s […]

Ageless Angel

She was that age, that ageless something Between rose petal cheeks and silver waves of fascination Where the foundations moved but the plans never changed Where her eyes only ever shone brighter, more acutely than before Piercing like twin stars set in her own personal heaven A girl with a woman’s knowing, woman with a […]

Behind the Veil

 The veil did nothing to hide her allure. She peeped out from a four-by-one slash in the fabric of time and blotted out the universe with those eyes. When she blinked, my heart stopped. When those lashes of Egyptian rushes swept open, my heart leapt back into life. She controlled me without ever even […]

Under My Skin

Like the north wind in winter, She chilled as she killed. Like a summer deluge Driven into naked flesh, The heat precluding all but Necessary attire, She saturated my soul. Like an unexpected heatwave When wool was what you’d worn, She sweated from every pore. Whatever the conditions, Whenever she fancied, She got right under […]

Paris By Night

 She illuminated, Resonated within, A clash of styles Made stylish, A painter’s hand on all. Paris by night Gleamed with the subtle Uncertainties particular To the French, A coquettish disregard, An aloof perfection. She dazzled without trying, Glowed without reason, Held me spellbound As I admired her architecture, Her curves, Her perfume. She said […]

50 Word Stories: One

 She locked her case but not the door, closed her purse but not the gate. She walked from her street but not from her pain; it would take many more miles. Yet, each step, each new foot of concrete, soil and grass brought her story closer to one outcome: hers.