Dreams of Gaia

Photo by Margot RICHARD on Unsplash

Green and blue
Blue and green
The colour of
This perfect dream
A gentle window
Born of stars
Don’t ruin this
For yours and ours

Blue and green
Green and blue
The colour of
This perfect view
A blessed bauble
Amidst the night
A wondrous gift
Keep Gaia right


The Bridge Between Us (100 Word Stories)

Photo by Andre Amaral Xavier on Unsplash

Lands are divided by borders, some obvious, others not. Whether lines on a map or cracks in the earth, borders separate. Add war into this equation, and ours was wider than most.

She stood waiting with the others, wearing the same desperate expression they all wore. Families removed from each other. Children unstitched from their parents. Soulmates lost to limbo.

They lifted the rope at the agreed upon time, Lissette and the other refugees pouring forth like an unblocked drain. How could the bridge hold them? But it did. It was their replacing the rope that made us both cry.

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