Beneath the veneer, the sparkling wit and quaffed hair lay the remnants of a soul in despair; it was his eyes that gave him away. They were lost. He would always be lost. I pitied him then, turned away with the broadest back. And though he spat venom, riled and roared, it missed on all […]


 It’s a big, wide world out there to those who feel small. Every tree conceals shadows, every puddle a skin to the world below. We fear and tremble, defer and divide, when what we really ought is wonder. Let us not forget, the flower to the insect is as a sun to us, yet […]

Over Shade and Shadow

 Over shade and shade we ploughed our lonely furrows. We travelled at night when the dark ones were least prevalent, when the universe swallowed them and hid them away. They couldn’t touch us then though I often heard their skittering, ebony talons tickling the ruined forest floor. We prayed for the moon to stay […]

The Muddleman

The Muddleman made a mess of everything. He seemed to stumble through life smashing into this, clattering into the that, and never ever apologising. Parents warned their children about the Muddleman, so notorious did he become. People avoided him like the plague. But it was hard to avoid the one that ruled them forever. Soon, […]

Individuality Lost

 “Standing in the shade with shadows and strewn leaves, I feel a strange affinity with the world all around. Like me, this zone of the dark and lost is displaced from the English summer everyone else inhabits. Scattered fragments of seasons lost, we crinkle together, the leaves and I, discussing our cool displeasure. I […]

50 Word Stories: Home

 It doesn't matter how many pairs of boots you wear, the miles they've covered, what they've seen, they'll never replace a pair of slippers by your own door. It was a simple detail, lesson learned, but learn it I did. I just wish you'd been there to pass me them.

50 Word Stories: This Contagion

The germs, they slip across my oozing skin, greasy hair, delve under my fingernails. A beast, that's me, an abomination made real by the air that infiltrates my permeable skin; it's taking over. There's nothing I can do to stop it. This contagion has taken me. I call it life.